Khalid Siddiqui who is presently seen in Mariam Khan talks about his character, show and his personal life.

Doing a good job is my only concern as an actor: Khalid Siddiqui

Talented and versatile actor Khalid Siddiqui is happy and contented with his character graph in the Star Plus show, Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somesault Productions).

Khalid who is usually seen in cameo roles on TV has for the first time in many years, taken up a full-fledged character. “I got into the longer schedule of TV only with this show. I have always taken up interesting cameos earlier. To tell you, my cameo in Piya Albela was supposed to be there for only 15 days. But the character grew so well that I shot with them for nearly 5 months. So I believe in working to the fullest of my abilities; if you do a good job, you get noticed automatically.”

Khalid who is a single parent with two kids – Ariana and Ilhaan Siddiqui, feels more comfortable at work now, as his kids have grown up and have become responsible. “I never used to take up a long-running character as I had to cater to my kids’ needs. I am glad that they are now at a phase where they can manage themselves. However, I am in constant touch with them throughout the day even when I am at shoot.”

A guy with a very practical approach, Khalid is a satisfied man. “I am at a phase in my life where I don’t want to aim for stars. I don’t have any big aspirations in life. I am happy with what I have with me and I am thankful to the Almighty for that. I believe in going with the flow. I am always there for my kids whenever they need me. I take my offs during their special days. Work is happening smoothly and I am happy about it.”

Says Khalid, “Talking about my character Majaaz Khan is a strong guy, but he dotes on his daughter Mariam and this makes him emotional. I am very happy with my character’s graph. Yes, I need to cry a lot for my scenes, but that’s totally fine (smiles).

Talking about being with a great set of people on the set, Khalid avers, “We have amazing actors on our show. It is great to be working with them. It is real fun to shoot with all of them. We have a chilled out atmosphere on the set and we have our share of fun when we are not shooting.”

Khalid who is now popular as ‘Mariam ke Abbu’ loves it when he is called this way. “Rather than being popular, I am more satisfied when my work gets recognized and appreciated. Doing a good job is my only concern.”

On working with Deshna Dugad, the little Mariam he states, “She is a cute girl and is very talented. I enjoy shooting with her. She’s very respectful and I like that aspect in her. She is hard-working and a dedicated girl.”

“Working with Rukhsar is great; we know each other from our advertising days. We share a good bond. Also sharing screen space with S.M. Zaheerji is also an honour. He is such a very good actor. When you work with good actors, the result is visible on the screen. There is a good give and take. He is a father figure for me.”

Way to go, Khalid!!

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