We have written the script of Band Baja Bandh Darwaza like a film and plan to follow it: Amitosh Nagpal

Amitosh Nagpal who is acting as well as writing SAB TV show Band Baja Bandh Darwaza gets into a conversation.

We have written the script of Band Baja Bandh Darwaza like a film and plan to follow it: Amitosh Nagpal

Amitosh Nagpal, the renowned actor, screenwriter and lyricist known for movies Hindi Medium, Gulaab Gang, Aarakshan etc will play a pivotal role in SAB TV’s new show, Band Baja Bandh Darwaza.

Amitosh plays the role of Rocky and talking about his role, he states, “Rocky is a very shy guy, who gets nervous while talking to girls and the matchmaker tries to get him to meet girls for marriage. However, all of these girls have some or the other wacky stories and funny backgrounds. Eventually, Rocky starts getting comfortable in these situations and learns how to talk to girls but the ghost never leaves a chance of meddling and ruining things.”

Talking about his high literature background, Amitosh who is also in the Writing team of the show explains, “I come from the world of theatre. I used to write, compose, act, sing and a lot of other things. I wrote for Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and a lot of advertisements as well. However, I approached this role like any other role. Its fun and I can use this skill of mine at various places in the show considering the fact that I have also written the show. Like it has advantages, there are also difficulties at times because you start getting a little too much familiar with your role and you then have to recreate a surprise element for yourself.”

On the concept and the different aspect that the show has, he states, “One different thing about our show is how we work. I don’t know how other shows do but according to what I have been hearing, there aren’t scripts and proper schedules till the last minute whereas, in our show, we have already written and locked all the scripts and actors are very well aware of the nature of their characters. No TRP or anything would change how the character develops. We have written the script like a film and we plan to follow that, making our approach different.”

Ask him about his expectations from the show and he states, “I always think that a message reaches the audience if you feel it while working on it. Half of the time people sense that there is something wrong, but I have no such feeling for this show. I feel that we have written this show with a lot of love. The artists enjoyed listening to it, and we enjoy working on it and the channel has been very kind to us. I just want our story to reach to our audience so that they come and watch the show.”

Best of luck, Amitosh!!

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