Param Singh talks about his new show Haiwan

Haiwan is not a supernatural drama but a sci-fi thriller: Param Singh

Zee TV latest offering, Haiwan The Monster set in a futuristic city, this glossy, young drama with elements of science fiction sets out to explore the bromance between its male leads, a triangular romance that sees their childhood friendship turn to bad blood and an unexpected turn of events that turns one of them into a monster, leaving it squarely on the shoulders of the other to rescue his friend from the clutches of evil, save his lady love and their city from the Haiwan’s wrath and destruction.

Boasting of an exciting star-cast with actor Param Singh, Ankit Mohan and actress Ridhima Pandit in lead roles on the show, the show is set to get viewers hooked onto their television screens this season.

Talking about the show, Param shares about the details of his character and also talk about Haiwan being a science fiction show and not a supernatural drama. To know more about his show. Watch the video!


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