Ashi Singh, the popular diva, has a great sense of style. She frequently exhibits amazing and different hairstyles, which inspire many. From elegant half-tied to whimsical ponytails, the actress can easily pull off various looks. Her hairstles reflect her adaptable personality and fashion-forward sensibility. She never fails to impress with her gorgeous hairdos, whether on or off the screen. And here’s how she complements her elegant outfits with her hairdo.

Ashi Singh’s Hairstyle Inspiration-

Half-Tied Hairstyle

The actress defines timeless elegance in a beige and silver traditional outfit. For this look, she adds a touch of sophistication by pulling back the top section of her hair and leaving the rest flowing freely with front middle-parted loose bangs. For the makeup, the diva kept her look simple as she applied shimmery eyeshadow, mascara, and peach matte lips. She complements her outfit with a silver necklace and earrings.

Half-Tied To Ponytail: Ashi Singh Sways With Grace In These Hairstyles 890127

High bun Hairstyle

The actress opted for a hot look in a light green gown this time. She fashioned her hair in a front puffed, high highlighted brown bun to pair her outfit, which exudes a carefree yet trendy vibe. For her glam appearance, the diva opted for light pink shimmery eyeshadow, bold black eyeliner, kajal kohl, and pink matte lips to maintain a fresh and youthful look and accessories her outfit with gold and purple floral big ear studs and a silver bracelet.

Half-Tied To Ponytail: Ashi Singh Sways With Grace In These Hairstyles 890128

High Ponytail Hairstyle

Ashi Singh oozes oomph in a white puff-sleeved dress that hugs her curves delicately. She opted for a go-to hairstyle look in a classy high ponytail with straight open tresses, and she carries it off with ease and style. The actress enhanced her natural beauty with shimmery light purple-pink eyeshadow and matching purple-pink matte lips. She opted for a contrasting appearance in a silver and red stone embellished necklace, earrings, and a matching bracelet for accessories.

Half-Tied To Ponytail: Ashi Singh Sways With Grace In These Hairstyles 890129

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