Harsh Rajput gets talking about his role and show.

Handsome hunk Harsh Rajput, who has impressed viewers with his performance on Star Plus’ Nazar, playing the character of Ansh Rathore, who is a Daavansh – half daayan and half human, says his hard work is being appreciated by everyone.

He says, “I personally think that the hard work of my12 years journey is being paid off through Nazar. I am getting a huge return, something that equals to all the years I have been here. For all this, I would like to thank the show runner Atif Khan and Producer Gul Khan ma’am. I love every bit of playing both the characters in the series. I am a person who gives his 100% and his heart to a scene or sequence. If I cheat myself then it will visible on-screen.”

He continues, “I have a fantastic team on-board; so the scenes come out really well. I personally believe that when you share a good rapport off-screen, the on-screen chemistry comes out well.”

When asked how he prepared himself for the role, he shares, “The show went on air from 31 July, but I started working on myself for the series from March. I had to play Ansh and Daavansh; so had to put in double my energy into it. For Daavansh, I had to carry a certain kind of body language and give some kind of expressions. If viewers have noticed, when I play Daavansh I don’t blink my eyes, they are stable. There are difficulties but I am happy with the end result.”

Finally, Harsh shares a spooky moment that occurred with him. “I don’t believe in supernatural powers but as they say a coin has two sides. So I believe there must be some kind of energy. I have experienced once when I was in college. I felt that someone was sitting on my chest as I was not able to move myself. However, I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa and soon there was no one. I did get scared.”

Continue your good job, Harsh!!

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