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Karan Suchak, who portrays the role of Peshwa Bajirao post the leap in Sony TV’s historical talks about his preparation for the role.

I aim to do complete justice to the title role of Peshwa Bajirao – Karan Suchak

Karan Suchak who will embark on his new journey as Peshwa Bajirao in the popular Sony TV historical, produced by Sphereorigins feels that his career has been all about his growth as an actor!!

After playing challenging roles of Dhrishtadhyumna in Mahabharat, King Vikramaditya in Singhasan Battisi, Lakshman in Siya Ke Ram, he will now play the title role of Bajirao in the show.

Says Karan, “It has been a great journey for me as an actor. Playing such larger than life characters and roles makes me feel good. I am sure shows like Mahabharat, Siya Ke Ram, Ramayan etc are even watched by people abroad. So every role that I have done makes me feel good that I have done good work.”

On his titular role in the Sony TV show, he avers, “Well, this role comes with a lot of responsibilities as it is the title role. I am very much excited about it, and have done my preparations to the best of my abilities. Though the entire process has been exhausting, it has been an enjoyable journey.”

On his level of preparations for the role, Karan explains, “I had been mentally preparing myself for more than a month now. I was trained in this ‘daan-patta’ kind of fighting which Bajirao is used to doing. In addition to the sword fighting, I learnt this new art. My knowledge and exposure to horse riding, sword fighting etc through my earlier roles came in handy. However, there is a vast change to playing a mythological character to a historical one. Your dialect changes; as Lakshman, I was a God. And now as Bajirao, I am a Maratha warrior. Also, the fact that there are many benchmarks already to Bajirao, with the movie too coming out, there will certainly be comparisons. The only way I can face comparisons is by doing my work perfectly. I am striving for that perfection. Having said this, the research team for the show has been dealing with the way in which the story has to be told, and we are looking forward to that.”

Karan is very much motivated by child actor Rudra Soni’s work as the younger Baji. “He has done a great job and this makes my job all the more challenging. I have been watching him and he has given a very good performance.”

Karan’s motto in life is to do work well and be grounded. “The best part about me is that I have carried the same level of enthusiasm and excitement that I had as a new guy, when I was sitting with the Producer to discuss my first role as an actor. As an actor, I am doing my job and working for myself. I am happy that I have been able to entertain people.”

The actor’s family is presently in a state of shock after seeing Karan’s new bald look for the show. “Yes, my family, especially my wife was studying me for few minutes before reacting, when I appeared before her with my bald look for the first time. For me, it never came as a shock as I have been keen on doing complete justice to my role. Yes, I had the option of taking the help of the artificial cover to look bald. But I did not opt for it. I am enjoying this new look of mine. There was a time when I used to face the camera with my long-shouldered hair. And now to go bald, it only shows that I am taking my roles and career seriously.”

Way to go, Karan!! Here’s IndianWikiMedia.com wishing you all the very best for your new role.

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