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I am not comfortable enacting intimate scenes: Vidhi Pandya

The girl with a million dollar smile, Vidhi Pandya, has mesmerized us with her portrayal as Imli in Colors’ popular show Udann. Though Vidhi has done many TV shows, her role in Udann is her stepping stone to success.

The pretty lass is on a spree to impress masses. In a chat with IndianWikiMedia, she speaks about her role, TV journey and more…excerpts: 

How has your journey been in Udann?

My journey in Udann has been amazing. It has really changed me as a person in a positive way. My introduction to the entire Industry was through by Udann.

How have you seen your growth as an actor?

The growth is pretty fine as everyday there is a new scene to perform with a different energy. I learn with every performance. It is like seeing the world with the same eye in a different way with new vision. I feel lucky to be an actor. I like the fact that I can convince audience with my act. People connect in real with my character and feels that a girl named Imli actually lives in Azaadgunj. I love my work.

What have you learnt being part of such a long running show?

I have learnt to stay grounded, stay focused, work hard and make your dreams come true.

Your career graph is on a high being a part of such a popular show… so now, what are your expectations as an actor?

My journey as an actor was never really high since the beginning. I have struggled and worked really hard to reach till Udann, to feel the breeze of this popular show. I am fortunate to be part of this daily. My expectations are really high. I want to do better and different roles in life. My agenda is to complete all my dreams. I don’t have specific definition for my expectations as an actor. I just want to work all my life and do good work each day.

 What kind of roles you wish to do in future?

Every role has to be different and difficult from all the previous work I did in my life. It should be difficult yet a bit in my comfort zone. I am not at all comfortable doing intimate scenes.

Who has been your guiding force, be it from the industry or the show?  

I am fortunate to have really good people around me. I am not a person who really opens up quickly. I am an introvert.  I have really got few close friends of mine but I end up taking advices from my brother as I feel he is the best person to guide me and make me reach my goals in life, be it personal or professional.

Are you ready to do bold concept on screen?

As I said, I am not at all ready for bold scenes right now in my career.

Who has been your role model?

My role model is Shah Rukh Khan. His is my love, role model, inspiration.

Has this glamorous industry changed you as a person?

This glam industry has introduced me to a new world which is different and difficult to survive in. It is really difficult to make your own identity here and I have chosen this struggle to reach my dreams. It has made me a clever and a better person.

Lastly, where do you see yourself after 5 years down the line…?

I see myself happy with my work and personal life.

Good luck girl…

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