Dev Joshi who plays the role of Baalveer in th Sony SAB show Baalveer Returns gets into a conversation.

I am thrilled to be back with Baalveer Returns: Dev Joshin

Dev Joshi is back as the Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns. Dev stole the limelight with this fantasy role in the earlier version and is now ready to win hearts again.

Says Dev, “I got an opportunity to be a part of Baalveer which garnered immense love and support from viewers. I am thrilled to be back with the channel in a brand new avatar and I eagerly look forward to creating magic on the television screen once again. Baalveer has been the biggest part of my life and people have appreciated my work and I am sure people will enjoy Baalveer Returns much more as we are returning with lots of new and exciting elements.”

Talking about his character in Baalveer Returns, Dev says, “Superhero Baalveer will continue to be the guardian of truth and justice as he initiates his quest to discover another Baalveer. Earlier, my character was a child with his cute and innocent ways but as we return, Baalveer has grown up and he understands the onus of the responsibilities on him to save the world. With Baalveer Returns, the character has grown and along with the children as our audience, even teenagers will relate and enjoy the show.”

Talking about the USP of the show, he avers, “Earlier the focus of the show Baalveer was mainly towards children and the storyline was created keeping in mind the likes of that age group. There were life lessons embedded in each episode to teach the children something significant every day. Baalveer Returns comes with a promising storyline to captivate the audience in their teens and youngsters. Baalveer now will have a greater purpose and he would take his fans and viewers along with him in the journey. The show and the characters are more equipped with extraordinary powers and abilities. The concept of the show has evolved and so have today’s audience. It has been curated with utmost care for the new age audiences. Baalveer Returns is for the entire family to sit together and enjoy and I hope they adore the adventures and thrill we have in store for them.”

Best of luck, Dev Joshi!!

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