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I am very clear about my way of conduct at work: Meera Deosthale

Ebullient and pretty Meera Deosthale is a youth sensation. Her undaunted character of Chakor has always motivated the audience. The Udann fame actress is living her dream and is winning viewers hearts with her performance.

In conversation with IndianWikiMedia, Meera talks about her challenges, the process of shaping herself as an actor, on Udaan, her co-star, personal life and more…

How have you seen your growth as an actor and a human being?

As Meera and as an actor, I have learned a lot. I was quite young when I came in and I can say naive too. I have experienced a lot as an actor. Otherwise, I am still the same bubbly and chirpy girl, who is always excited for a new day at work.

You became an actor at a young age; so how did you manage your studies and acting?

I am studying via correspondence; so I study during exams. I find it cool to be an actor as well as student.

The show Udaan initially started with the subject of societal issue of bonded labour, however, the current development is serving entertainment and not the social message. Do you think the show has lost its original plot?

No, I don’t think the show has lost its original plot. Udaan has always given social message and it does so. Yes, there are sub-tracks which are kept for the entertainment of the audience.

In the glamour world, many actors get linked up with actors. However you have never been part of any controversy. So how did you manage to stay away from them?

I am very clear about my way of conduct at work. I am a completely professional. Rumours are bound to come no matter where you go. It’s just about how you deal with them.

How has been your journey as an actor and are you contented with the kind of shows or roles you have done so far?

My journey has so far been beautiful. There are ups and downs; although I have to admit that I have faced less downs and I feel lucky for that. I have given my 100% to whatever I have done and God has been on my side. Yes, I am connected to Eshwari and Chakor both. The characters live in me.

What has been the most challenging bit about Udann so far?

The most challenging part of Udann was getting the accent right and also learning Awadhi. I was running barefoot on all kinds of surfaces under the sun and getting the hang of being Chakor. Initially it was the situation because Meera is very different from Chakor.

Tell us a bit about your off-screen bond with your co-stars?

We are all great friends on set. We eat together and sometimes party too. It’s like an extended family because we spend half of our time on set.

Udann has been a stepping stone for you and you have been winning appreciations for your role. How does it feel? Share any best compliment received so far?

I still haven’t felt it that I have got such a beautiful role and show. I feel like someone should pinch me every day to make me feel it. The best compliment is that I make people smile. And that’s what I want to do. People from all over India majorly elderly people come up to me and give me blessings to grow higher and that’s the best thing that motivates me.

Can we see you being a part of mythological and historical shows in future?

I would love to do a mythological show in future.

Do you want to be part of any reality show?

Yes, why not. I love dance so would do a dance reality show.

How comfortable are you doing intimate scenes?

I believe it is very important on how comfortable your co-actor makes you in an intimate scene. Till now, I have had good co-actors who are very cordial and very sensible. I am glad about it; so till now I am really okay with it.

Are you single and game to dating an actor?

I am single and yes, I am game to dating an actor because more than the profession, it’s the understanding that matters.

Message for your fans?

I love each and every one. You people who make me who I am! Thank you so much for everything and for loving me.

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