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Ishita Ganguly talks about her role Kashibai in Peshwa Bajirao

I don’t think in today’s time any girl will accept her husband’s second wife: Ishita Ganguly

Bong beauty Ishita Ganguly, who is currently seen as Kashibai in Sony Entertainment Television’s Peshwa Bajirao, feels that Kashibai was strong to accept another woman in her husband’s life but in today’s time no independent girl will accept her husband’s second wife.

“Kashibai’s story is heartbreaking. She is forced to be in a difficult situation. Hats off to Kashibai!! She raised Mastani’s child and was a grateful lady. This is not possible in today’s time; forget about me, I don’t think any girl will be ready to accept her husband’s second wife. I don’t think none of the independent girls would do it. If this happens with me, I will not go in the revenge mood, but I will move on. I respect Kashibai as she was a very dignified woman. The most important thing was that she had a pure soul.”

Ishita really liked the character and couldn’t say no to it. “I really liked this character. This is really a challenging role as Kashi is a historic iconic character. The show is already popular. Kashi is one strong woman, so portraying this role is a big thing for me. Yes, I have got this opportunity, so I will definitely show audience how Kashibai was and who she was… In the movie, Priyanka Chopra has already done a remarkable job and has fixed the benchmark. However, movie and TV shows are completely different.”

The actor feels it is a challenging role to portray, but is going with the flow. “Yes, there is pressure as the kids have done a commendable job; but we are giving our best. I am not doing a lot of preparation. I am just going with the flow and performing from my soul.”

Finally, talking about her bond with co-stars she averred, “I have a great bonding with Karan Suchak. We started shooting and rehearse together too. I have not shot with Megha Chakroborty but I have met her on set. She is also a Bengali so that bong connection is there. Off-screen there is a good bonding with her. It is pleasure to work with such a wonderful team.”

Good luck girl!

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