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In conversation with Krishna Bharadwaj

I don’t want to become a hero, as I am happy playing a character artist: Krishna Bharadwaj

Indian television will soon bring audience the tale of Tenali Rama on SAB TV.

Talented and smart looking actor Krishna Bharadwaj, who is known for his acting talent in shows like Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family and Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant, will don the avatar of Tenali Rama in the upcoming project.

In an interview with Indianwikimedia, Krishna spoke about his career, his dreams and more…

“I started my career from All India Radio at the age of 4. I worked in Akashwani and Doordarshan in Ranchi as my father was also a theatre actor there. I have learnt a lot of dance forms. I learnt Bharatnatyam for seven years. Then I came to Mumbai. I think if you are really talented you get work. I came to Mumbai and I started getting work,” said Krishna.

He continued, “I have only worked with Hats-Off Productions. This is my first outing with some other production house. I have done four shows with Hats-Off as a writer, assistant director, creative director and actor. I am their fan and love their shows. I would give all the credit of my acting talent to the Hats-Off team. Today if people are liking my work, it is because of the team in Hats-Off as they have taught me a lot. All that Aatish Kapadia, Deepesh Shah have taught me, be it as an actor or director, is helping me grow in my career. I will always be thankful to them.”

When asked why he was away from TV, he averred, “I was away from TV for the last four years. For this show, I auditioned last year in October. There was a condition that if I get this role, I have to go bald. I never took it seriously. However, I was free and so went for the audition. Later after two months, they called me that I have been selected for the role. Even then, I was not serious about it. In April they finally called me and meeting happened with the team. I was told to go bald. I went to the salon, closed my eyes and got my head shaved. We actors are narcissist as we love ourselves. After getting bald, it was very difficult for me to see myself without hair. However, now I am used to it. I don’t believe in using wigs. It is better to accept yourself the way you are. I don’t believe in being fake.”

Krishna has not done any preparation for the role. Talking about the same, he said, “I have not done any preparation for the role apart from getting bald. I have not read any books or seen old episodes, because I did not want to take inspiration or copy them. I want to do it my way. I am happy that I have it in me to do the scenes on my own. I am blessed this time. Tenali Rama was in our course also. I never knew that his personality is so fun loving, naughty, manipulative and a philosophical person.”

Krishna feels the show has been blessed with a divine force. He shared, “We have been blessed and I feel God’s hands are there on us. I believe in me, and as Krishna Bharadwaj I did not have talent but after this show I have become better. We have got an amazing cast and everything has been smooth.”

Krishna who has worked behind the camera as well feels that working behind the camera is a better job. “I feel working behind the camera is a better job than being an actor. As an artist you have to follow what others ask you to do, but the authority and creative freedom that you get as a director is amazing. We learn man-management. My ultimate motive is to direct a film in my near future.”

When asked what according to him helped him to bag this show, he averred, “I got this role for my natural acting. I believe in real life characters and love playing them. I can’t play a character of a stud and cool dude.”

Finally, talking about his future plans, he quipped, “I feel on TV there is nothing much for male actors. I see myself doing films in the near future, but not as a male lead. I don’t want to become a hero. I am happy playing a character artist.  I am happy playing Tenali as he doesn’t have the heroic personality. Hence, I love the character. I find Ranbir Kapoor a natural actor. Nawazudin Siddiqui’s struggle period inspires me.”

Good luck Krishna!!

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