I find comedy challenging: Parvati Vaze

Parvati Vaze talks about her latest show Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo…

I find comedy challenging: Parvati Vaze

Stunning actress Parvati Vaze will make her comeback on television with SAB TV’s latest ‘Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo’. Parvati will be playing the role of the female lead Jaya Lokhande. In a brief conversation with Parvati, she talks about her comeback to the industry and about her role in the show.

How does it feel coming back to television?

Honestly, I am feeling fantastic right now, after my last show I needed a break which is why I did not focus on doing television series. Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo is really different and it is something I have never tried before so I feel extra positive. I am excited as well as nervous to be back after a long time.

Can you tell us about your character Jaya?

Well my character is very sensible and I am portraying a very sweet Maharashtrian girl who knows what she wants in her life. Jaya is a modern girl with good values. She meets Jay, a guy who meets all her expectations as her love interest. There is little glitch that the viewers will find out as the story unfolds and that is basically the crux of the story.

You have never tried comedy before, so how does it feel to start with a comedy show when you are making a comeback?

I find it very challenging and I like doing things that are different. I have worked in the south where I had to speak a totally different language which I didn’t understand but now I am able to have a conversation in bits and pieces. Even with comedy I feel like something I have never tried before but I don’t find it daunting me. Of course it is difficult but I am quite excited about it.

You have a lot of senior actors as your co-stars, so how do you feel? Are you nervous or excited to work with them?

Like I said before the feeling is that of ‘excitement’. Luckily, the entire cast is so friendly that they don’t make me feel nervous at all. I am really excited and happy with the prospect of working with such established actors and I look forward to it.

Do you believe that lying can be harmless?

I guess it could be, I think it is all situational. I do lie but I am little too upfront and I get caught very easily so I find it hard to lie.

One such lie that you had told and ended up getting caught or was never caught?

I always end up getting caught. But there is one such instance where I could have escaped. So, I was in 10th standard and we had science practical exams for which we keep our practical logs. We were supposed to submit this logs and I didn’t finish my assignment. I convinced my Biology teacher that I had given that logs like everyone else and she had misplaced it. She bought my story and she gave me C grade which I was happy about. This lie did not come to light until my parents met my teachers in a school meeting and my mom said that I know that my daughter have not given the file but she is working on it. The teacher was really shocked and I was caught.

Catch Parvati Vaze as Jaya in SAB TV’s Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo starting from May 23rd every MondayFriday at 9 pm!

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