I have earned my credibility from films: Shilpa Shirodkar

Shilpa Shirodkar talks about her new venture, the Colors hospital drama.

I have earned my credibility from films: Shilpa Shirodkar

Immensely talented Shilpa Shirodkar, who rose to fame with Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, returned to small screen with Colors’ Savitri Devi College & Hospital. Her last outing was Star Plus’ Silsila Pyar Ka.

The thespian, who is known for her movie career (Khuda Gawah, Gopi Kishan, Bewafa Sanam), says she has earned her credibility from her films.

“Films are my childhood love. Whatever I am today is because of the credibility that I have earned from my films. If I am offered any interesting role in any Bollywood movie I would love to do it. There is no reason to refuse it. However, as an actor, if you ask I am doing fantastic work on TV. I am getting a lot of love and respect. I also feel that my films did not do so well when compared to the other actors’ movies. It’s all about luck and I have no regrets,” shared the actress.

When asked Shilpa about the changing trend and content on TV, she quipped, “I feel if we as human beings are changing in our thought process, why is it a problem to show something which is acceptable. If it is not acceptable, our audience is smart enough to not watch it. That is the reason why some shows work and some don’t. Everybody wants to experiment, and as actors we also want to do something different. If we do the same thing in every show, then we will also get bored.”

There are a lot of actresses, who are sceptical about playing an elderly character in the show. On her idea of playing a mother on TV, she averred, “I am a mother in real life to a teenage daughter. I will be foolish if I decline to become one on-screen. I feel it’s very silly.”

When actors are offered characters which are different from their real life, they keep a condition of not doing the particular sequence which will make them look bad on screen. On her reaction to this ideology, Shilpa stated, “I wouldn’t like to mix my personal life with my profession. Honestly, when I did Ek Mutthi, my daughter used to call me melodramatic. But all her bus bais (maid) and her bais in school used to shake hands with her and tell her we are very proud of your mother. Then I did Silsila, she said, Mamma, you are so wicked. Now I want to see her reaction on my new show. That doesn’t change my perception to work. We are all here to work. If I like any character I will be open to take it. When I did Silsila, it was the most wonderful experience. In my film career too I never played such an amazing character.”

Finally, she shared her experience working for Savitri. “We are shooting day and night as we are churning out one hour episodes for all the viewers. However, I love to work under pressure as its very challenging.”

We wish Shilpa good luck for her new venture.

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