Ashnoor Kaur the talented young actress defines simplicity, cuteness and charm!! She has been winning hearts with her sound acting prowess from the age of 4.

With popular portrayals in TV shows Jhansi Ki Rani, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Mahabharat etc. Ashnoor has come a long way in showcasing her talent. On the big screen, she has been part of films Sanju and Manmarziyaan.

As Mini in Sony TV’s Patiala Babes, Ashnoor Kaur has been doing a phenomenal job. With the show now getting into its next phase with the leap, we got in touch with Ashnoor Kaur for a detailed interview on the show, role ahead and much more.


How is the new phase in Patiala Babes?

It is going amazing. The opening episode of the airing post the leap was Number 1 in UK. So I guess that says a lot. I am very much excited for this new phase in Patiala Babes. On social media, there is so much of love pouring in for the new phase in the show. All this only motivates me further.

What are the major differences in your character of Mini that you see in the two phases of the show?

The journey of Patiala Babes has been amazing. It has given me all the opportunities of exploring myself as an actor. In fact, Rajita Mam (Producer and Writer, Katha Kottage) challenges me more with her scenes and showers all the love on me when I get them right.

Speaking about the phases, the first phase was more about the mother and daughter relationship. It was all about the daughter giving wings to the mother to fly and make her place. Now Mini has given the wings to her mother. Now it is time for her to fly and make it count.

The second phase is all about Mini pursuing her dream. She wanted to study photography and did that in Australia. Now she is working for a reputed magazine out there. She has come back to Manali and has got to know of the death of her mother. She has got to know of her half sister Arya with whom she had no communication till now. She does not know to handle kids. And now she has a life ahead of her, wherein she has to pursue her passion.

At the same time, Mini does not want to get entangled in new relationships and attachments. There has been so much happening in her life that she wants to stay away from it now.

Describe Mini as a character now? 

Mini as a character has grown and is mature. However, she is the same chirpy and fun loving girl. However, there is a hollowness in her, which has come after she has lost her family and her mother. Her mother meant everything to her and to lose her has been a shock for Mini. Now she does not want to continue living in Patiala. She wants to go back to Australia. This is the mindset Mini has as of now.

Putting up this mixed emotion wherein Mini looks happy but is not, is indeed a challenge.

What is the best attribute of Mini that you will take home with you? 

Mini and Ashnoor are totally the same. Both are chirpy and love their parents a lot. They are both unfiltered in their thoughts and will say whatever they want on the face. So I love every aspect of Mini as Ashnoor is more or less the same.

Having said this, the loneliness that Mini feels right now, makes her different from Ashnoor. She seems to be happy before others, but is not happy from within. She puts up a smile, but that smile is fake.

What is the new challenge that you face playing the character?

Well when one is playing a character for a long time, you tend to live it. It has been more than a year for me as Mini. The challenge however is that I need to portray her loneliness in my emotions. Putting up this mixed emotion wherein Mini looks happy but is not, is indeed a challenge. I am giving my best effort and I hope and pray that it is received well.

You had a great bonding with Paridhi Sharma and Aniruddh Dave. Do you miss them on set now? 

Of course, I miss them. We bonded really well and when you work together, there is a certain level of attachment. They played their parts really well. Even post the leap when Aniruddh Bhaiya came to shoot his dream sequence, he worked on it as much harder as he normally does. Hats off to him for that. I miss both of them on set. However, the show must go on and Patiala Babes has a long journey ahead. I wish them all the very best for their next.

How is it shooting with Saisha your onscreen half sister?

She is a cutie pie on the set. She is really good. She gets so excited on seeing me. We are best friends off the screen. She calls me Ash and I call her Sai. When we are shooting for the tashan sequences, the Director needs to remind us that we are not jovial and best of friends on screen (smiles). I can say that she is a good companion for me on the set. Whenever we are free, she sits on my lap and we spend time together.

What are the learnings from your long career till now? 

I started as an actor from the age of 4 ½ to 5. It has been an amazing 10 to 11 years in the industry. I have learnt a lot from the directors and actors I have worked with. Everyday has been a learning curve.

I have learnt a lot from Aruna Irani Mam, Yash Tonk Sir, Hina Didi, Karan Bhaiya, and in movies from Rajkumar Hirani Sir, Abhishek Bhaiya, Vicky Kaushal Bhaiya, Paresh Rawal Sir and Manisha Koirala Mam. In fact on the set of the film Manmarziyaan Anurag Kashyap Sir and I were great friends. We were cool buddies. He has guided me a lot. In fact there was a time when I was contemplating to quit acting and Anurag Sir convinced me and my parents to continue in the line.

In fact I want to disprove the theory that child actors can never be good at studies. I am doing really well academically even when I have been giving 12 hours to my work.

How do you juggle between work and studies?

 Well, I have been doing so for 10 years now. And it has become a habit now. Yes, it is tough but I manage it after all. I managed to score 93% in my 10th Boards last year. Now I am pursuing commerce in my 11th. I take my book to my set and study when I get time. All is going on fine. In fact I want to disprove the theory that child actors can never be good at studies. I am doing really well academically even when I have been giving 12 hours to my work.

How comfortable are you with the good and bad comments that come out on social media? 

Social media is really good as I get showered with so much of love. My fans are always on top, keeping themselves updated about what I do and also on my work. I get appreciated a lot. Their small efforts make me smile. They keep me happy. But yes, the section of trollers and haters are there too. But I get motivated with their negative comments. It pushes me to challenge myself more and do better. So I will see the positive side in this too.

You are very active on social media. You have had your share of music videos and TikTok videos too.

Well, true that I have done music videos. I always choose my projects very carefully and I am selective in my approach. I don’t want to do roles and videos that have monotony in them. I always want to try a different mood or genre and have rejected many music videos because of this.

When it comes to TikTok, I do it just for fun. In fact it was in my earlier days that I used to be busy with TikTok. My mom used to scold me for indulging in TikTok (smiles). I have never been serious about it though. I also believe that one should not post just to grow his / her followers. I at times get into TikTok for fun and for my enjoyment. There is no compulsion that I need to post on a daily basis. I want to be known as an actor who can play diverse roles.

Your parents have been your huge support system. Tell us about that.

Truly, my parents have been immensely supportive. Without their guidance nothing would have been possible. They allow me to take my own decisions, but are always there to support. This has been the case from the beginning.

Till date, whenever we  need to decide on a project, we sit together (me and my parents) and discuss. Only when all of us are at the same page, and I am happy with the decision made, they proceed to follow it up. My mother was a teacher and when I started acting at the age of 4, she left her job for me. Even today, my mother accompanies me to the set. On weekends, my mom gets a break and Pa comes with me.

With parents being around, does it not invade your privacy? 

Not at all. I enjoy their presence and feel happy that I have them with me. Otherwise it becomes really tough at this age to manage everything. Also I am the only child in the house and am pampered (smiles). Above all, it is important that teenagers get guided from time to time.

What are your future plans? 

I want to explore myself as an actor. I have been doing TV for 10 years now. I have done many ad films, TVCs, print shoots and music albums. After my film Manmarziyaan, I got many offers. But they were of a sister or friend’s role. I want to now take up substantially bigger roles. I want to look at lead roles. So maybe after Patiala Babes, I will take time out and grow myself more as an actor. The idea is to get back and concentrate on movies.