Hiten Tejwani who has entered &TV’s Daayan in the role of Viraj Roy talks about being typecast in positive roles and that it needed to break.

The idea is to break the ‘good boy’ image with my negative role in &TV’s Daayan: Hiten Tejwani

From beginning his career with a chocolate boy role to becoming a huge household name thereafter, seasoned television actor Hiten Tejwani is a name that grew to fame with his incredible work in the daily soaps. Much like his nature and personality, the actor’s sweet and adored roles have always managed to charm the audience and been at the receiving end of much deserved adulation. Attempting to break the ‘good boy’ bubble around him, the actor is all set to return to a Balaji Telefilms show after a long gap with a new surprise for the viewers.

Returning to his second home with a new role, Hiten Tejwani will be seen essaying a long desired negative character in &TV’s show, Daayan. Following the track, Jhanvi Morya (Tinaa Dattaa) switched personalities with her popular look alike actress Kundani Roy to defeat all fatal attempts of the Daayan. Little did she know that this action would result in consequences that would set to bring an additional turmoil in her life. Leading to a spark of rigidity in Jhanvi’s married life will be Kundani Roy’s husband, Viraj (Hiten Tejwani) who in an attempt to reconnect with his wife claims Jhanvi to be his. While Akarsh (Mohit Malhotra) fights to keep his love, Jhanvi will be seen facing an all new battle between keeping her secrets and maintaining the sanity in her marriage.

Speaking about his desire to play distinct roles on television, actor Hiten Tejwani said, “As an actor, I have always wished to add variety to my craft and essay different roles that would probably set me apart from my earlier ones. My journey over television has mostly been about playing the typical ‘good boy’ and positive roles so much so that I was typecast to it. There was a ‘good boy image’ formed around me which I was tired of and felt that it needed to break.  I felt I needed to be more vocal about the fact that I am open to playing a negative character, just so that I could innovate with myself and add variety to my work So when Viraj’s role from Daayan was offered to me, I had no two thoughts about taking it up.”

Adding further about his character, Hiten said, “While I have played a character earlier that was close to having grey shades, my current character is more negative in appearance and in personality. The efforts to pull this one is surely more and as challenging as it sounds, it is a completely new experience for me and one that I have been waiting for patiently. If viewers relate to Jhanvi and Akarsh’s life, they are surely going to love the new twist that my character is set to bring in. I am excited to play Viraj in Daayan and more enthusiastic to see how the viewers respond to this side of mine.”

Way to go, Hiten!!


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