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Shweta Mahadik on her fitness journey

It’s very important for actors to be fit: Shweta Mahadik on her fitness journey

Shweta Mahadik, who is popularly known as Durga of Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, has been losing oodles of weight of late. She has motivated her fans to take their health and fitness seriously. Her journey of being fit will help you to lose weight too and will motivate you to hit the gym. The gorgeous lady has both shocked and surprised fans with her excessive weight loss. She has been focusing on losing weight.

Talking about her fitness journey, she shares, “I was always into fitness, would work out regularly. Hence, I always thought that I am fit. But then I noticed that people have started commenting on my weight and one such comment hit me really hard. One day, I complimented a friend who was wearing a figure-hugging dress and I told her that I will borrow her dress. Another friend overheard this and said it won’t fit me. That is the time I thought something is wrong. But I couldn’t understand how I was gaining weight because I was working out religiously. Later, I realized it was my diet. People always think that if they work out, they can have ten samosas and it will be fine. But that’s the biggest mistake. So, I started eating healthy and counting the calories I burnt. Three months later here I am, 11kgs lighter.”

When asked how important it is for actors to be fit, she says, “It’s very important for actors to be fit, because we have to do different kinds of roles. Not only that, but to shoot 13 to 14 hours a day requires a lot of stamina and if you look fit and perfect you will look better on screen.”

Well said, Shweta!

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