In conversation with Vivian Dsena

Reclusive yet refined, Vivian Dsena is a force to reckon with in the space of Indian television. Currently seen in the television series Shakti, the actor opens up about life and his career in a chat with IndianWikiMedia. Excerpts:

What is the response you are getting for Shakti?

As of now, I am getting a good response but there are few people who do not like the current act. 

What you have to say about saas-bahu sagas and the latest Naagin shows?

I don’t have an opinion because it’s one person’s creativity and if the audiences like it, then I am nobody to comment on it. 

Are you a big foodie in real life?

Yes, I love Punjabi food!  

Would like to do Punjabi films?

No, not really.

What kind of reality shows would you like to do?

I have done two already and I think as of now, I am quite done with reality shows. 

A daily soap leaves no time for other hobbies, right?

Yes, I agree. If you are a daily soap actor, you don’t have a life. 

Are you satisfied with your career at this stage?

I am very much satisfied with my career. I take each day as it comes and whatever comes my way. 

What makes Vivian Dsena happy?

Peace and contentment.

Are you a loner by choice?

I am not a loner; I have people in my life by choice. I think less friends and less drama makes your life easier. 

What changes you find in the industry over the years?

The way people look at you has changed.

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