Poulomi Das who plays the pretty Ananya in Sony TV and Balaji Telefilms’ Dil Hi Toh Hai talks about her role, the recent twists and the audience feedback.

It is indeed very humiliating for a girl to go through what Ananya faced: Poulomi Das

Talented actress Poulomi Das has literally brought a smile on her fans’ faces with her pretty, ever-smiling character of Ananya in Sony TV’s Dil Hi Toh Hai (Balaji Telefilms).

Terming this as a very different experience when compared to her role of Baby in Suhani Si Ladki, Poulomi tells us, “This is drastically different when compared to Baby. Baby was all about scheming, and never sported a smile on her face. As Ananya, I am always cheerful and smiling.”

Working with Balaji Telefilms is the best thing to have happened to Poulomi. “It is a big opportunity to work with Balaji family. I am pleased to be here. I love my character Ananya.”

Ask her about the best part of playing the role and she is quick to say, “The best part is of course, Ananya. I would say that all girls need to be like Ananya. She’s sorted, has a different way of thinking, and does not cry. She’s strong and loves the Noon family a lot. For her, Rithwik is her best friend and her guy. Overall, she is a pretty girl with a beautiful soul. I am blessed to be playing Ananya.”

Considering the twist that Ananya has seen in her life, we ask Poulomi how a girl like her in real life would react to such a scenario where her best friend would desert her on the wedding day, when she is all decked up. “It is indeed very humiliating for a girl to go through this. She’s known the guy from childhood, and he pretty well knows everything about Ananya. Love is a beautiful thing and I feel that Ananya would have let go of Rithwik if he had confessed his love to her. But yes, she will definitely not be a cry baby. At the same time, she will not shout at Rithwik as she respects him. As far as Poulomi goes, I would have killed the guy if he had left me at such a scenario (smiles).”

As a sweet message, Poulomi wants to induce lot more of confidence into every woman by saying, “I want to tell every woman that there is not just one guy that you can attain, there are many others too. If you can’t get one, don’t lose heart and patience. I believe that if a man hurts a woman, the woman needs to hurt him double by staying happy in her life.”

Poulomi who has a good fan following from her Suhani Si Ladki days is happy with the gesture her fans showered on her. “My fans sent me bouquets recently and said that they simply loved the character of Ananya. I am happy and overwhelmed by the response.”

Ask her whether Ananya will now carry negative traits and she says, “TV is unpredictable. I really do not know what is in store. But if you ask me, I will say that Ananya will make Rithwik understand how big a mistake he made by doing this to his best friend.”

Poulomi, you excel as Ananya and keep the good work going!!


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