Shivin Narang who makes his return with Colors’ Internet Wala Love gets talking to about his role and show.

Internet Wala Love is the most massy show you can get to watch in today’s time: Shivin Narang

Popular actor Shivin Narang will get back to the TV scenario with Colors’ new-age show Internet Wala Love, produced by Sphereorigins.

Says Shivin, “We are trying something different. Internet Wala Love is not just a love story; it is a tale about two generations. While one generation is into social media, the other generation is still not sure whether the social media is useful or not. So you can say that the show will dwell into the two different mindsets that the people have.”

“At the same time, the show is not at all futuristic, wherein the elder generation will not understand the high-funda Internet nuances. We are not getting preachy by showing any hi-tech internet functionailities in the show,” he adds.

Shivin who has done noteworthy lead roles in shows Suvreen Guggal and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera will play a social media star in the show. Talking about his character Jai, Shivin states, “Jai is a today’s guy; he’s naughty, chirpy and very real. He believes in social media and loves to have online dates. He is in touch with celebrities on the social platform. He’s an RJ by profession, so has the style and look that will charm girls. Such a lead character has not been seen on TV till now.”

Ask Shivin on his personal take on interest for social media, and he states, “To be honest, I have an account on social media. But I am not too much into it like Jai. He is a social media star. I have my own reservations. I put up what I want on social media, but do not believe in showing up my personal life out there. I am still not for the concept of sharing my personal life with all.”

Shivin who was on the break from TV for quite sometime is happy to have made a comeback with this role. “I have always wanted to play different characters. If you look at my work, my roles in Suvreen Guggal and Veera were very different. And so is this from the earlier two. The show is about today’s generation and I am glad to be in it.”

Playing an RJ in the show requires Shivin to work a bit on himself. “I needed to have a good control over my voice. I had to love the voice and understand it. So I had to do an actor’s homework on these things. Since Jai is an RJ, I did not have to do body building. But yes, since it is a very urban character, I have had to give thought to my styling, look and body language. Internet Wala Love is the most massy show you can get to watch in today’s time.”

Lastly, talking about his co-star Tunisha Kapoor, Shivin avers, “She’s a sweet girl. I have seen her in few movies and other projects. But I guess this is the project where she will make a mark for herself. She’s extremely talented. I am sure she will be loved by one and all.”

Shivin we wish you all the luck for Internet Wala Love!!

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