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Sambhavna Seth talks about friend Khesari Lal Yaadav and his future in the Bigg Boss house.

Khesari needs to come out of his shell in Bigg Boss at the earliest: Sambhavna Seth

Bollywood item girl and Bhojpuri film actress Sambhavna Seth is worried that her Bhojpuri superstar brother Khesari Lal Yaadav might not last long in Bigg Boss 13, if he fails to up his game.

Even last night Bigg Boss himself warned both Khesari and Himanshi about the same.

Says Sambhavna, “He needs to be seen ASAP, given that he is in the nomination dock. The very fact that he did not appear in today’s precap is a danger sign,” says Sambhavna who was herself part of Bigg Boss 2 and 8.

“He has promised to make that extra effort, let’s hope it bears fruit,” she adds.

“The problem is that unlike other seasons, this time around the contestants and especially wildcard entries don’t have the teething time. You need to start delivering on the masala element from the word go, if not you go home” adds Sambhavna who has taken part in other reality shows such as Dancing Queen, Dil Jeetegi Desi Girl, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi.

“Take last week’s evictee Tehseen Poonwala for example, I am sure had he been given some breathing space, he had the juice in him to last long.”

“Knowing Khesari I feel that he is not being able to come out of his shell given that he is not talking much. Normally he is quite a live wire and before entering he had promised me that he will give full-on entertainment.”

“Having said that you also need to factor in that what you see is only 45 minutes of content and Bigg Boss will only show what they feel is relevant. No wonder all you see is fights, relationships and yes constant poking your nose in other people’s affairs. Interesting content will be shown like how Sidharth Shukla pulled Shehnaaz Gill on his bed last night,” says Sambhavna who got married in 2016.

“Khesari can’t stoop to such low given his stature in UP and Bihar and plus he is happily married. So he will obviously not want to cross the line as others are doing as that will have huge repercussions for himself outside.”

When asked about voting, Sambhavna says, “If elimination is strictly on voting patterns, then Khesari should not be touched as his collective fan following is bigger than all the inmates added up. The latter also seems to be taking him for granted eg Shukla saying that he needs to deliver content to placate his home base.

But then we don’t know how Bigg Boss eliminations really work. I really don’t think Rashami Desai was eliminated on votes, for she is popular. It seemed to be a plan to create a buzz with her exit and subsequent return.”

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