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Lord Krishna is the best character one can play: Amit Varma

Talented actor Amit Varma, who is playing Lord Krishna in & TV show Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot , says while  he stays far away from mythos he could not say no to playing Krishna for ‘it’s the best’ any male character can play.

“It is not easy pulling off an hourly bi -weekly comedy, but what helps is that there is a clear division between Swarg Lok and Dharti Lok, so we get some respite.”   Amit has earlier done hit shows like Hotel Kingston and Annu Ki Ho Gayee Waah Bhai Waah etc.

Here Amit adds, “The twist in the tale where Lord Krishna gets scared of Bakula (Sarita Joshi) is really interesting, which God gets scared of his devotee?  We play this part very delicately for we can’t afford to hurt feelings, hence all the punches are also cracked by Yam and not me. Also JD (Majethia) and Aatish (Kapadia)-producers at Hats Off Productions- told me that it would be easy for someone like me who has a very cute smile to pull out the idea that Krishna is scared of Bakula only because she loves  him so much, that it gets difficult to handle her (smiles).”

Talking about working with a talent powerhouse like Sarita Joshi, who eventually will be in both heaven and Earth after becoming a ghost, he says, “Sarita Ben  has  so much energy that it rubs off on us also. We have not yet shot much as her character has not died in the show, but we go back a long way working together for some months in Baa Bahu Aur Baby. She serves as an inspiration for all of us youngsters to be like her, when we touch 65-70 years.”

Looking ahead Amit, who has been away due to personal reasons (his last show was Saas Bina Sasural),   is open to anything interesting and substantial. “Although my current track is a cameo but because it is something hatke, I said yes…I am in talks for something else as well,” informs he.

Amit is also open to being part of web series. “Sadly, no one has offered me anything there yet, there is perception that I am too choosy which works against me. I am now more open to different kinds of scripts. I love this new medium for it offers not only much more shades, but the characters on hand are much more realistic as well.”

We wish him luck!!!

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