Navina is happy with the change in her character in the new format of Ishqbaaaz.

I love the fact that everything is so ‘white’ about Tia in Ishqbaaaz Redux: Navina Bole

Talented and good-looking actress Navina Bole is pretty excited about the new turn that Ishqbaaaz, the popular Star Plus show has taken!! The series is produced by 4 Lions Films.

Ishqbaaaz Redux, the new flavour in the series has taken the story line to the very initial phase from where the tracks will be worked out differently, when compared to what happened earlier.

Says Navina, “This is a very different concept, and probably it is the first time we are seeing such a thing on Indian TV. It is certainly a gamble; it can either give you good result or can result in nothing at all. But on the whole, the concept of going back and giving a new story is an interesting idea. The idea of showing the story under different circumstances is good enough. Everything in the story is changed now. Priyanka is Shivaay’s sister, Tia is Daksh’s sister and my dad is alive. Above all, I am not evil and I don’t even have an attitude (smiles). I really love Shivaay and my character has been conceptualized very well.”

“Earlier, Tia had attitude and hated Anika. But now, she is very nice to Anika and Shivaay. Everything is so white about Tia now. Also, I have been asked to not play the character comically. So there are no ‘Shivaay Baby’ and ‘Universe’ here. Tia is shown more mature now”, she adds talking about her character.

Ask her whether she misses being evil as Tia, and she states, “Well, this phase is also nice. I am enjoying it. But yes, the beauty of playing a grey or negative character is completely different. You get to play a stronger character if you are grey or negative. We all are still getting into the skin of our characters; obviously, characters will change with time. So we need to wait and watch if Tia will remain the same good one. Obviously, Shivaay and Anika getting together is inevitable, and it is to be seen how Tia takes this development.”

Navina, we wish you luck!!

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