Priyanka Kandwal aka Mahira of Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live talks about her character and show and on the various emotions that she gets to portray.

Mahira is a today’s girl who loves herself too as much as she loves her family: Priyanka Kandwal

Actor Priyanka Kandwal is happy and satisfied with her character graph in the Star Plus show, Mariam Khan – Reporting Live produced by Somersault Productions.

Says Priyanka, “The recent twists and turns in the show has been amazing for me as an actor. There was lot of suspense over who my character Mahira will get to marry ultimately. There was the Mariam kidnap track too, that was going on. As an actor, I had all the emotions to play with. I was about to get married to someone else, but ultimately my marriage happened with a different guy. I liked the fact that my fans were very glued to the drama, and kept on messaging me to know who my character will get married to. It was a happy feeling to see people finding the drama interesting.”

For every girl, her bidaai post marriage is a sentimental one, and for Priyanka, her on-screen bidaai gave her tears. “Yes, it was a very emotional scene for me, and I could not handle it. I was crying for real while shooting for it.”

Talking about her character Mahira, Priyanka avers, “Mahira is a very family-oriented girl who believes in love. However, she has her own choices and wants to do things her way. She is a girl of today, and is very relatable. She does not want to make compromises in her personal life, but it does not mean that she doesn’t love her family. The fact is that she loves herself too, as much as she can love her family. So she’s not wrong at all in her through process.”

Talking about the various layers in her character, she states, “Post her marriage to Zain (Avinash Mishra), she is a self-affected girl. She’s filled with sorrow and emotions, and pain. She will now go on to have a complicated relationship with her sister Meher (Sheena Bajaj) as she was the one who ruined her plans of marrying Rehaan (Paras Kalnawat). This layering will give me a new scope to explore; the more you explore, one gets more versatile as an actor.”

“On the other hand, she will now be living with a man she does not love, and this will bring out a different layer of emotion. Just like Mahira, Zain is also a victim of confusions and destiny. Otherwise, Zain is a positive character, but the fact that Mahira does not like him will be the catch here.”

Way to go, Priyanka!!

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