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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Shivangi Joshi speaks about yoga on International Yoga Day.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is the need of the hour: Shivangi Joshi

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day, Shivangi Joshi sheds light on the importance of Yoga and how it is beneficial for people across all age.

What is yoga according to you?

Yoga is peace and sanity for me. It not only brings peace to mind but stability to one’s body as well.

Since when have you been doing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga since 4 years. I have a professional yoga trainer who has been teaching me.

In today’s age why is yoga emphasized so much ?

We are in a age where everyone is running around and have no time for themselves. While working round the clock is fine, it is important to work on your body as well. A healthy mind and body will always be productive.

Yoga is centuries old and has been practiced since early ages but it’s prominence has come to light in past few decades. Why?

There is endless need and a never ending wish and want list that we have. In order to achieve that people forget to take care of their own body. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is the need of the hour.

How do you recommend yoga to anyone?

The best would be to hire a professional trainer or a yoga guru but one can also refer to Youtube for reference and learning videos as well. The postures need to be correct so if someone is referring to online videos, be careful and do exactly what is shown.

Do you recommend yoga to the youth of the nation ?

Yes indeed I do. Yoga will help them bring stability and sanity in life.

One message you would like to tell on International Yoga Day ?

I recommend everyone to do yoga because it will help you a lot in present and future. You will feel more positive, more confident, more enthusiastic. You will have an undefined energy which is inside you and you will feel its power which in turn will make you happy from within as well.

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