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Tina is happy to be part of the show

Makers Siddharth and Rahul Kumar Tewary are extremely talented: Tinaa Dattaa

Actor Tinaa Dattaa, who plays the role of Damini in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karamphaldata Shani, says she was hesitant initially. However, the actor adds that she is happy to be part of the show. “ Portraying Dhamini was a challenge for me and I love accepting challenges. Initially, I was scared if I will be able to pull this off and whether I will be able todo justice to the character or not. But God and my fans are kind, they accepted me as Damini immediately. Of course, it’s difficult doing a mythological show, it’s 20times more hard work. The costumes, jewellery are so heavy. The dialogues and the delivery of the dialogue is extremely different from that of a daily soap. It took me some time to be very honest to get a grip on my character,” she says.

Her chemistry with her co-actor Rohit Khurana has been appreciated. “Rohit Khurana was my first co-actor in Uttaran as well. It’s always a pleasure working with him. He’s professional and a fantastic actor. People loved us in Uttran and they accepted our chemistry in Shani as well. I just pray that they keep showering their love on both of us,” she says.

Meanwhile, Tinaa took some time to get into her character and would even take longer to get ready. However, not anymore. “Initially, when the look wasn’t sorted, it used to take me 1-1.5 hours but now I do get ready in 30-45mins,” she says.

Tinaa says that it’s a pleasure to be working with Siddharth as well as Rahul Kumar Tewary. “Makers Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Rahul Kumar Tewary are extremely talented and I am honoured that they considered me to be a part of this show. I shoot in Umbergaon and I stay there, yet I hardly miss my home. A big thanks to Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Rahul Kumar Tewary for believing in me that I can do justice to my character,” she says.

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