Naina from Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is one of the cutest bahus on TV and we have more reasons than one for saying that!

What makes Naina aka Ashi Singh so lovable. See our reasons

Ashi Singh plays Naina on the popular daily soap Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai and this actress has certainly charmed her way in to everyone’s tv screens and then their hearts. She took no time in becoming a household brand with her refined acting chops and stunning personality.

There are definitely a ton of reasons why she is so perfectly lovable and here are ours!
1. She is one of the youngest actresses in the television industry and she still managed to play the mature and understanding Naina Agarwal on the show.

2. She is the perfect daughter-in-law in her marital home and the best wife any husband could ever ask for, in fact Sameer is lucky to have Naina as a wife!
3. Naina understands even the smallest of Sameer’s needs and makes it a point to always be around to help him.


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4. She is the wings to his dream and tries to definitely be supportive whenever he needs her.

5. If he needs a shoulder to cry on she will be there offering her shoulder, if he is in doubt then she will be there to help him sort through it and if he needs help hers will be the first helping hand. Now if that doesn’t make her lovable then we don’t know what would!

6. Best of all, she loves Sameer with all her heart and her innocence just takes our hearts away.

Naina has made room in our hearts and we don’t think her character is going to be forgotten even after the show ends. She is the perfect blend of simplicity, class, understanding and above all, maturity. We are certain that no one can actually stop themselves from falling for this sweet and adorable diva.

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