Farnaz Shetty, lead of &TV’s SiddhiVinayak in a conversation.

It is a matter for pride for me that &TV chose to work with me again: Farnaz Shetty

Well-known TV name, Farnaz Shetty is having identity issues. Wait, we don’t mean her personally, but her character Siddhi in the &TV show SiddhiVinayak (Studio B&M).

Talking about her current track, she says, “New entry, Shivam (Shardul Pandit), is the husband of Riddhi (Farnaz Shetty), whose face was planted on me by her dadi. Everyone is hiding the truth from him, that she is not his wife, who he thought had died, for their own reasons.”

She had replaced Neha Saxena as the main lead a while back.

“There is no love triangle between Vinayak (Nitin Goswami), Siddhi and Shivam, for now he is the main antagonist. Personally, if you ask me, I don’t blame him for holding a grudge; anybody else in his place would also have felt cheated had he seen his dead wife return as someone else’s better half (Vinayak),” she adds.

“This new track has certainly taken the plot a notch higher, and audiences are enjoying it. I am getting good feedback for the same. I am also getting to play a double role; apart from Siddhi, I am also doing flashback scenes as Riddhi with Shivam. Enacting two characters in the same show is a challenge, but I am doing it well,” says Farnaz, who first got name and fame courtesy Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera, and Suryaputra Karn.

She regards both her co-stars, Nitin and Shardul, as very professional and friendly guys. “We are having a blast on the set. One big plus point for doing this show is that I am getting to work with a great Creative Producer, Prashant Bhatt. Sir has taught me a lot. Recently, when I told a few industry guys that I am working with Sir, they said, given his vision, he is the second Balaji. That is a very big compliment.”

“One other plus point of doing this show is that it lets me dance. There is one dance sequence every month, given that my character is a back-stage dancer. At first I was hesitant, but later got the groove,” she avers.

Point out that &TV ratings are not great, and she says, “I always prefer to look at the positives. And apart from working with Prashant Sir, the fact that the channel chose to rework with me so quickly after Waaris shut shop, shows that I have grown as an actor.”

Way to go, Farnaz!!

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