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Nyra Banerjee who has wrapped up her shoot for Divya Drashti, might just be part of its season 2.

I might just return in Divya Dristhi 2: Nyra Banerjee

Nyra Banerjee, who has just wrapped up Star Plus fantasy show, Divya Drishti does not completely rule out being part of Divya Dristhi 2, which might come on air post IPL. “Mostly a new cast will be taken, as our characters have also matured up. But again, you never know we might return as our children as well. I am hopeful that our sequel with break the trend that Part 2 of shows doesn’t work.”

“Now that the show is over, I am feeling a chasm. We all were very emotional on the last day of the shoot, but I kept my composure as I did not want to break down. One of the reasons why I signed up for this was because it was a weekly, I will get at least two days off every week.”

“But our fast-paced show (harness scenes with full drama) was such that we hardly got any off. The past year has just flown away. I hardly got time for myself or my family. Now I will use this break period to recharge my batteries and wrap up pending stuff.”

Going on, she says, “At first, it was supposed to be a six-months affair which got extended to a year, so became quite draining. We also had several night shift dates, and our hours would often get extended as well. But seeing the final product and all the love, it was worth the efforts.”

“I am happy that the show was closed when it was still on a high. Also, the end point, is such that it allows good space for the sequel to take off,” says she.

Nyra, who had done South films and web series (Operation Cobra) before, says, she took up TV, “For I loved the fantasy genre. Also, most importantly, it was not your normal daily drama. I got a very glam look to boot as well.”

Coming to the cast, she got along very well with Sana Sayyad, Adhvik Mahajan and Karan Khanna.

“Sana, and I would always fool around. While Adhvik would try to restrain, Karan would egg us on.”

“Looking ahead, Nyra is looking for juicy roles on the web as this is one medium that has both TV and film actors collaborating.”

“Also, after my last Hindi film One Night Stand, I am looking for performance-oriented film scripts as well.”

Best of luck, Nyra!

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