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Parag Tyagi talks about his self-quarantine period, read here 

I miss going to shoot: Parag Tyagi

Television actor Parag Tyagi best known for playing the role of Archana’s brother in the show, Pavitra Rishta, is utilizing the quarantine period in the best possible way.

He shares, “Navratri festival has begun so we are busy performing pooja and other rituals. I and Shefali (wife Shefali Zariwala) we both fast for nine days so we are doing that. I am trying to learn cooking. I have never cooked in my entire life. I am trying my hands in it. I have also started reading and trying to build that habit too. I am not able to go to the gym so I am working out on the terrace or home. Mental health is also important and because there is nothing to do people become sad. I would request everyone to come up with a routine that they can follow. We have a lot of time so we can work on ourselves and spend more time with our family.”

Parag feels he has been getting more quality time to spend with wife Shefali, he adds, “We both have maintained a routine and we follow them. She was away from me when she was locked in the Bigg Boss house so now that time is back and we are spending a good time together. We watch a film or a series, play board games and workout together as well. However, we also give each other equal space as it is very important.”

Paras, who is currently seen in show Shakti, misses going to shoot. “I am missing shoot. Our storyline had a lot of drama in the recent track however the shoot got to stop. Our TRP was also up. I never played such a character. I am exactly opposite in real life and hence it makes the role more challenging, so I miss more.”

The actor feels sad that people have not been following lockdown seriously. He says, “The lockdown is done for a reason. However, people fail to understand that. After the announcement, they came running to buy stuff but it was mentioned that they would get essential stuff. The saddest thing is that educated people behave like this. I would like to request all to stay home and stay safe.”

On an end note, Parag wishes to work with Shefali on-screen in a good series or a show.

We hope to see them together on screen too!

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