Shweta Gulati talks about her new show Sony SAB’s latest offering, Tera Yaar Hoon Main

I missed working out the most during lockdown: Shweta Gulati

TV actor Shweta Gulati, better known as Tia of Remix, is all set to essay another powerful character of Jhaanvi Bansal in Sony SAB’s latest offering, Tera Yaar Hoon Main.

Talking about the show, Shweta says, “As we know, a child is very close to her mother and always scared of his father. The child always shares everything with his mother. The show will take the audience through a delightful journey of a father who is trying to develop a special bond with his son. Besides, the show will also take the audience through the excellent relationship Risbhabh shares with his mother and how it positively impacts the life at Bansal family. For the first time, I am playing a mother on-screen. I was skeptical because I had this doubt that will I be able to do the role convincingly. I can’t wait for the show to release as I genuinely believe the show will gain a special place in the hearts of the fans.”

When asked her take on why a child is close to her mother more than her father, she adds, “It is the mother who keeps the child in her womb for nine months so the relationship has to happen like that. As the child grows inside the womb, the connection is formed. I have not experienced motherhood but in this show, I get that motherly feeling while playing the role.”

What did you miss the most during the lockdown? Shweta shares, “In personal life, I love working out so I missed the gym. I was sad because I was not able to go to the gym. The good thing that I am not a morning person, I hate waking up early but this lockdown has changed the entire cycle. Now, I sleep at 10 and wake up at 4 or 5 am in the morning. This is a blessing in disguise.”

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