Nazar is not just horror, it has all the elements of a daily drama: Ashita Dhawan

Ashita Dhawan who is seen playing an important role in Star Plus’ thriller show Nazar talks about her different avatar and its importance in story telling.

Nazar is not just horror, it has all the elements of a daily drama: Ashita Dhawan

Talented actor Ashita Dhawan is enjoying a change of graph in her new Star Plus horror show Nazar. “For the first time, I am playing an out and out sweet, positive character. Until now, I have made many people weep buckets on screen, but now the shoe is on the other foot.”

Here, Ashita adds, “Unlike most other actors, I don’t use glycerin. Artificial tears don’t work for me; I find them fake. Even my directors wonder how I can cry so much for real. But there is a flipside- my eyes are swollen, by the time I reach home.”

This is also Ashita’s first tryst with the spooky genre. “We are not your normal bhoot-pret story. Normally, horrors are made for the weekend, but we have all the elements that daily dramas ask for. Just check it out, and lemme know, via social media or”

“The creative team has liked my dayan’s Bhabhi character so much, that they suggested some changes to the première episode that was telecast yesterday (Monday), which we happily reshot for. I have also been given a takiya kalam. She also provides the much-needed emotional relief. But she is not comic. Rather, you can call her light-hearted.”

So, will your character be possessed by the dayan? “I don’t know, but would love it, for it will offer me much more to do as an actor.”

What do you feel about lead, Monalisa? “She is doing a superb job as the dayan. She does not have too many dialogues, so speaks with her eyes. She is very sweet to talk to. TV is a different ball game for her,” says Ashita, who is well-known, thanks to great performances in Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai, Ladies Special, etc.|

Looking ahead, Ashita is game for doing a web series. “But I am not comfortable with the nudity, abusing and making out scenes. Recently, I was shooting with my hubby, Sailesh Gulabani, and I could not hug even him naturally on screen. I have certain inhibitions.

But not all shows have the above elements. I would surely like to try my hand at those, for example, Alt Balaji’s Haq Se,” she ends.

Best of luck for this, Ashita!!


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