Roma Bali who plays the role of Manjeet talks about her role in Dil Hi Toh Hai.

Negative character is the second heroine of the show: Roma Bali

Talented actress Roma Bali, who is currently enthralling audience as Manjeet in Sony TV’s Dil Hi Toh Hai, says it is a challenge to portray a grey shade character.

Talking about the pressure of replacing Ritu Vij and doing a Balaji Telefilms show, she says, “Bagging a role in a hit show comes with great responsibilities. All the actors in the show are fantabulous. Ritu played the role really well. I am aware that when you replace a character people tend to compare. However, I will give my 100%. I am grateful to Ekta ma’am for giving me this opportunity to play a challenging role. I am not good at speaking Punjabi but I am adapting and learning it. It is an amazing unit to work with.”

When asked how difficult it is to play a negative role, she shares, “Grey shade roles are actually my forte as I think I can easily carry them. Being an actor, we need to be open to doing everything. I am comfortable portraying grey shade characters. They have a lot of layers which make them very challenging and fun to play. I also feel that a negative character is the second heroine of the show, after the female lead.”

She continues, “However I feel in this show Manjeet is not a negative character. She is a mother and wants the best for her daughter. She is fighting for her daughter which make her look like a negative one. She is a loud character, hence people see her to be an evil one.”

Roma had to perform an iconic sequence of movie Devdas, and commenting on that she avers, “It was really a difficult and challenging scene. I felt like the heroine of the sequence as the entire attention was on me.”

Way to go, Roma!


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