The popular talented Avinash Sachdev excited on his new show launch...

Never been so nervous in life: Avinash Sachdev on Ayushman Bhav launch

Avinash Sachdev has been a patient man…yes, he has waited for good ten months for his new show to beam on screen.

We are talking about Ayushman Bhav, the thriller at Star Bharat (life ok revamp channel) which hits screens tonight.

“I have worked really hard on the project and trust me, I have never been so nervous in my life. This is a new beginning for all of us. Hope audience likes the content and we grow with each episode. This is my first prime time show and I have butterflies in my tummy,” says Avinash in a chat with IndianWikiMedia.

Ayushman Bhav, set against the backdrop of Mathura, Ayushman Bhav is a gripping story of Krish. The show depicts the poignant tale of an eight-year-old boy whose childhood is not as simple as others’. Like other children his age, Krish plays with toys and games but he also harbors a burning desire to seek justice for the wrong doings in his past life. Produced by White Horse International, the revenge drama stars popular child artist Ricky Patel as the lead and Avinash Sachdev, Megha Gupta, and Manish Goel as cast members.

“I am excited and intrigued. I would like to thank and congratulate all at Star Bharat,” ends Avinash with a smile.

We wish him and the show a prosperous journey.

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