You never know I might turn out to be one more dayan in Nazar: Garima Vikrant Singh   

In conversation with Garima Vikrant Singh

You never know I might turn out to be one more dayan in Nazar: Garima Vikrant Singh   

Talented actor, Garima Vikrant Singh, does not foreclose the possibility of her turning into a sexy dayan, in STAR Plus fantasy show, Nazar. “Right now I am all sweet, but I can’t say about the future, given the theme of this highly-rating Four Lions show.”

Garima is also glad that today’s creatives have made the witches look hot and sexy. “Even in daily life, those women who use their charms to seduce other women’s husbands are pejoratively called dayan and asked to stay away, by telling them that even dayans leave eight houses.”

Ask her why good bahus are never made to look desirable, and she says, “Well, all women are beautiful. It’s just that their positive qualities go beyond just looks.”

Garima has no regret at being replaced in her prior STAR Bharat show, Nimki Mukhiya. “What happens is for the best. The actor who replaced me is very senior and she is doing a good job. I continue to hold Nimki in high esteem and wish them all the best.”

Ask Garima about how she feels about current TV trends that always ask for young leads, and she says, “This all boils down to the type of show it is. Did we not have shows like Saans earlier, which had senior artists like Neena Gupta as the lead?” Her other well-known shows have included Gustakh Dil, Phir Subah Hogi and Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

“I also don’t subscribe to the theory that the public only wants regressive or singular type of themes. Offer them something else, but please give them some time to get used to it as well. Tastes take time to develop.”

“Last but not the least, I feel that the channels and the producers need to give leeway to their writer’s imaginations; you can’t be telling him/her what to write. Eventually, TV is a writer’s medium. We actors need some basic framework to add our finesse to it.”

“I am quite hopeful that the web will bring about the above change with its differentiated concepts. Agreed, web too, like TV, is dominated by market forces, but with limited number of episodes, the story line is always well determined. One other major plus of web is that you can access content on the go on your smart phone and are not stuck to a TV set.”


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