Hiba Nawab the lead of Jijaji Chhat Par Hain talks about her offscreen and onscreen equation with co-actor Nikhil Khurana.

Nikhil and I share a normal co-star relationship, nothing great: Hiba Nawab

It is normally expected that when daily soap lead couple actors work together for long hours, they tend to become close. Many even enter into relationships, which, in several cases, only last till the show is on air.

However, there are also cases where both actors don’t see eye to eye. Just yesterday, we had talked about the tension between Donal Bisht and Shashank Vyas, lead actors of Colors show, Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop.

Is something similar happening between Sab TV show Jijaji Chhat Par Hain leads, Hiba Nawab and Nikhil Khurana?

For, when we asked Hiba about her on and off screen equation with her co-star, her answer was interesting. “Regarding on-screen pairing, fans should tell us whether they are liking it or not. Off screen, we are professionals, talking when we have to. We have a normal equation, nothing great.”

Shifting gears to the show, Hiba adds that she is very happy that her show has lasted so long. “Today, most shows go off air in a matter of months; and here we will complete one year. I would credit our success to a great team of writers. Our Edit II producers are also superb to work with.”

Unlike other actors of long-running shows, Hiba does not want to cut and run, citing creative satisfaction. “We are doing well and I am enjoying it. Our writers have given us liberty to add our take, as long as it does not affect the scene, which is how it should always be.”

“At first it was a task to get the chemistry and comic timing right, but now, since the entire unit knows each other, things have become more comfortable; e.g. you are already aware of what is expected of you and how your co-star will react to a given scene. That does not mean that effort is any lesser. Even now, we still go through the same drill (rehearsals), as now the onus is on us to further raise the bar.”

Well-said, Hiba!!



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