Nothing sells like success: Rajev Paul

Rajev Paul who plays the father figure in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa talks about his well-etched character, and its importance.

Nothing sells like success: Rajev Paul

Veteran actor Rajev Paul is glad to have chosen Star Bharat presentation, Jiji Maa, as his daily show comeback vehicle.

“The right combination of a dramatic story, apt casting, acting and direction has meant that we have consistently remained high on the ratings charts. We continue to remain #2 on the channel, just a tad behind Nimki Mukhiya. It would be unfair to compare our numbers to, say, hit shows on Star, Zee and Colors, for they are bigger platforms and Star Bharat is just a few years old. Also, you need to appreciate the fact that it is no mean task for a show to have feet for even a year, these days. There is lot more juice left in the mix; just wait and watch.”

Are you happy with the way your henpecked character has framed up so far? “Well, having been around TV for over twenty years (was part of India’s first daily, Swabhiman), I know that there will be ebbs and flows. The track where my backstory unraveled (first wife), gave me lots to do. Our numbers, back then, went as high as 1.7, as the real evil nature of Uttara (Pallavi Pradhan) came to the fore.”

“Having said that, I always knew that, given the way the story unfolds, I will not be seen too much, but yes, I have been noticed. “At the end of the day, nothing sells like success. You need a big show under your belt, to come into your own, e.g. the film journeys of Rajkummar Rao and Vicky Kaushal.”

“No wonder, I have got quite good offers, but sadly, nothing has worked out till now. I am on the lookout for simple and interesting characters like Jiji Maa has.”

“I have around 10-15 days where I can easily do another show. Our job is very unpredictable. At times, we shoot so much that we hardly get a breather. On the flipside, there are periods when we don’t have any work. I feel blessed to work and yet have time for other stuff in life (he is a budding poet).”

In closing, Rajev says, “My cool father character has been appreciated a lot. When the former writer, Mayur Puri quit, he specially pointed out to my avatar. Not that I want to play a dad, but you really feel nice when your efforts hit pay dirt.”

Continue your good work, Rajev!!

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