Namish Taneja gets into a conversation about his show on Colors, Vidya.

Numbers of Vidya are bit lower than expected: Namish Taneja

Good looking actor Namish Taneja is enjoying playing a DM in new Colors show Vidya.

“At first it was tough, for I am not very comfortable in shudh hindi and this strict bloke Vivek Singh hails from Azamgarh (heartland Uttar Pradesh). Hence for the first time I am following the given lines to the T, normally I would always use my own words and not the written script.”

“Now I am finally getting the hang of it and it is fun. I am very happy to be part of a concept which supports the burning issue of education rather than making yet another supernatural fantasy show,” he says.

“Kudos to Producer Mahesh Pandey for coming up with Vidya,” he adds.

“Also my control over the lingua franca of the nation has gone up several notches. The biggest creative challenge is to bring out the seriousness of the DM character and yet keep his heroism and entertainment value alive. Vivek can’t just be another guy, so some time we res-hoot to bring heft to him.”

Namish who has done several shows before regards this as one more step up. “I have been lucky to get to play diverse characters i.e. if I was a don in my debut show Ek Nayee Pehchaan where there was no romance, and here in Vidya we have good love story to boot.”

“This was followed by a love triangle in Swaragini. Last but not the least I was a mama’s boy in Main Maike Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo. So you can see I have been lucky to get to play different shades.”

“I have been lucky to have got positive responses from all my above outings. I have learnt a lot and also made good money. So I am happy but not satisfied as I have a long way to go,” he avers.

Point out to the ratings and he says, “We are doing decent compared to many other shows which hardly get a blip on the numbers. Agreed numbers are a bit low than expected, but we all are working and hopeful for a big turn in fortunes soon.”

On set, he gels a lot with Producer Mahesh. “I also have a great equation with my co -star Meera Deosthale.”

Best of luck, Namish!!

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