Paras Kalnawat is upset about the way things have shaped up in his show, but is hopeful too.

Paras Kalnawat disappointed; hopes for better days in Mariam Khan

Handsome hunk Paras Kalnawat, who rose to fame with Star Plus’ Meri Durga, is currently enthralling audience as Rehaan in Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somersault Productions).

However, the actor, who is playing one of the leads of the series feels that he is not yet being offered what he was promised initially in terms of character graph and screen presence.

However, Paras has had a word with the creative team and is positive about changes being reflected very soon.

Talking about the entire incident, Paras says, “Initially, I was not aware that there are two leads in the show. I was not made aware of this fact by the production house. I was told that I am the major lead and will be having 80% of the scenes. However, I am barely seen for 2 minutes in an episode. After doing Meri Durga as the main lead, I wanted to do a character which is on those lines and which gives me equal prominence. But this has not happened so far. I was told that my 26 days will be used in a month, but in the whole of last month I just shot for 11 days.”

He further adds, “When I was offered Mariam, I was also approached for 4 more shows. However, they promised me a lot of things and since it is a Star Plus show, I selected this over others. I have conveyed my thoughts to the production house and they are working on it. They have assured me that I will be given good screen space in the month of July as there is a major turning point in the show.”

Paras feels his fans were also miffed with his less screen space.

“My fans did not feel my screen presence and they too noticed my absence in the show. They also created hash tag #NoParasNoMariamKhan. They viralized it everywhere. I am just hoping that things get better soon. If there is a delay, I might take a major step.”

Paras, may you rise and shine!!

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