Vinita Joshi shares her Crossroads experience

Being part of Zindagi Ke Crossroads was so unlike normal TV – Vinita Joshi

If there is one show that is really compelling people to think, something desi TV can’t normally boast about, it is Sony show, Zindagi Ke Crossroads. This Shabina Khan production, which talks about various complex situations that force people to make difficult choices (whether to abort a mentally-challenged, unborn child or not), has now become the new talking point.

The next story features Mohi lead, Vinita Joshi, who plays a lady who had once compromised on love, and, years later, is forced by circumstance to take a similar call for someone else. “It was fun, for my character too grows and matures with him, post leap.”

Vinita, who is doing a Gujarati film at the moment, says, “Doing Crossroads was so unlike normal TV. Producer Shabina Khan organizes everything to the T. We got time to do workshops. Last but not the least, working with a great director (Bahubali) is a learning curve. I regard my four days with them as doing acting school.”

“The entire creative team needs to be given a thumbs up, for not only are the episodic stories really well-written, but the taking quality gives you a cinematic experience at home.”

Vinita, who is also known for her lead role in Bhatak Lena Baware, loves the show’s format of stopping the story mid-stream and throwing the various conflicts at play, for audience discussion. “Anchor, Ram Kapoor, really does a swell job of beading together the contrarian points of view. Like in my story, again, certain parents don’t like love marriages at all; kids, on the other hand, also don’t want to understand parents’ points of view. Ideally, a middle point should be arrived at, but that is not possible when both sides hold trenchant positions. The concepts are very relatable. Like in my above story, my character has to choose between love and family, which is not an easy choice to make. Many a times, you are forced to toe the social line; but then a time comes when you have to do what it takes for happiness. Many girls have faced similar situations, so they will be able to empathize with my character.”

She ends by saying: “All of us, at one stage or another in life, come to a crossroad for various reasons. Personally, I have faced several different crises. I must have made the wrong choices at times, but that is how you learn. I am glad that I have always had my father around to guide me.”

The show is a must watch for all.

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