Randeep Rai talks about his new show Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Pehredaar controversy did not affect my decision of taking up Yeh Un Dinon…: Randeep Rai

Young and talented Randeep Rai, who is known for his role in Diya Aur Baati Hum, feels blessed to be a part of Shashi Sumeet Production’s show.

“I never had a second thought before taking up the show. I believe Shashi Sumeet is an amazing production house. I am very happy that I am attached to this company since Diya Baat days. I feel ups and downs are a part and parcel of everyone’s life (same production house’s Pehredaar controversy). I think people should let go and move.”

Randeep is currently seen enthralling audience as Sameer in Sony TV’s latest offering Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai.

“I believe it was in my destiny to portray the role of Sameer. I really feel blessed that even though our show went on-air without promotions and we are at 10.30 slot, still it is doing great. We have been showered with praises from fans. I and my co-star Ashi Singh are trying to maintain the same chemistry off-screen too because that is helping us to deliver better on-screen.”

When we ask how difficult it is to deliver Sumeet and Shashi Mittal’s love story, he avers, “In our first meeting, I told Sahshi ma’m that I will try to enact Sumeet sir. However, she told me not to copy Sumeet sir. It is just that the story line matches Shashi ma’m-Sumeet sir’s love story. However, we are not copying them in the show.”

Talking about who the real Randeep is, he shares, “I am a real guy and believe in living my life the way I want it to be. If a controversy happens than that won’t affect me. I can’t be fake to anyone. I believe that there is a saying, any publicity is a good publicity.”

Lastly, he thanks his fans for showering the show with praise. “I would like to thank our audience for giving their precious time and watching our show. We promise to entertain you. I also want to apologise to my fans. I receive a lot of messages on Insta and Facebook but I am not able to reply to them because of busy schedule. I would definitely try to reply and be more active on social media for my fans.”

Good luck boy!

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