Vineet Raina talks about his journey as Virat in Ishq Mein Marjawan, the Colors show.

I am a performance-oriented person and feel suffocated where there is lack of creativity: Vineet Raina

Extremely talented Vineet Raina is thoroughly enjoying his stint in the successful Colors thriller, Ishq Mein Marjawan produced by Beyond Dreams.

Says Vineet who essays the role of Virat, “We are going to complete a year of run very soon. It is very difficult to maintain the story flow in a thriller show. By the grace of God, our creatives and Mamta Patnaik have got the viewers hooked to the show. The challenge with this show is that we need to go a level up every week in terms of story line. I am glad that we are keeping pace with the requirement. All the hard work of the team is paying off.”

Talking about his role, he states, “It is difficult to get such a role and show where you get to do something new every week. I am fortunate to have got the role of Virat, as he is the only character who has so many layers. Yes, every character in the show is unpredictable, but the graph that Virat has had is huge. When I visualized my character in the beginning, Virat was nowhere in the picture. There was Lakshya who was a cop, very positive in nature. Later, he grew negative and had a journey of his own, and is now in love with Anjali.”

Ask him about the best part of being Virat, and he says, “I love the layers in the character. Every scene that I perform has a different layer. There is aggression and anger when it comes to Deep; there is sisterhood with Tara, and now he is in love with Anjali. So the love angle has also come up now.”

Vineet who has had a long career with shows like Maayka, Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Udaan, Kaala Teeka etc says that the romantic lover boy roles that he essayed early in his career, actually stopped him from growing. “I could see the calibre that the character had in Ishq Mein Marjawan. Even in Udaan, I was brought in only for three months and the character grew so popular that I went on to be part of the show for one and half years. All depends on how an actor works on a character and how passionate he is with his work. I am a very performance-oriented person. I have left shows in the past owing to creativity issues. I don’t see myself growing and feel suffocated where there is a lack of creativity. If you put in dedication and consistency into your work, it eventually works in favour of you. I am glad that the channel and production trusted me and believed in me to play the role of Virat.”

Vineet believes that the Season 2 of the show with Nia Sharma’s entry has just begun and there is a lot to look forward to. “The kinds of things that are planned in the upcoming track are huge. The track ahead is unbelievable; the show has started just now, is what I can say. The reactions of people will be huge and the track we are heading to, will be mind blowing.”

The addition of Nia into the cast happened quite smoothly with an acceptance coming from the existing actors. “Arjun, Aalisha and I are mad and cracy people. We gel so well together. Yes, it is true that new entries don’t get accepted easily in shows. But this was not the case with Nia. Her gelling into the thick of things happened automatically. Nia is one more crazy girl and instead of three, we are now four of them on the set (smiles). Everything fell into the right place and we are one family. It is great to have Nia on our show. She has a very good role, and has a lot to play with in the coming story line.”

“My expectations are very high from the show. In fact, the makers and channel are planning huge things for the upcoming drama. As I said, it is difficult to maintain the hook in a thriller show. We are confident about the tracks coming ahead being loved,” he ends.

All the best, Vineet!!

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