In conversation with Priyanka Purohit

Playing the lead of a show is a huge responsibility: Priyanka Purohit

Young and talented Priyanka Purohit, who has enthralled audience as a parallel and negative in shows, is glad to be playing a protagonist of &TV’s Half Marriage (Kavita Barjatya Production).

She says, “I was very fortunate as the makers selected me as the lead face of the series. I feel it’s a great sense of responsibility to be the protagonist of a show. Also, it’s a very hectic and a laborious job. One is working round the clock. This is my first show as a protagonist so it is really close to my heart.”

The show will complete 100 episodes this Friday. Talking about the milestone, she adds, “I am very glad that we have completed a huge milestone and there is more to come. I am part of it from scratch so I am closely attached to it. We might be having a party as well. There will be a huge twist in the storyline too as we are heading for a leap. I am looking forward to watch audience reaction to it.”

When asked what she learned from the show, she reveals, “The show has been a learning experience for me. It was a journey with lots of ups and downs. There were a lot of challenges as an actor. I got to play different shades of my character. I have become better and better with each passing day. I am happy that we have the best team on set. There is positivity around the set and we maintain it.”

Way to go girl!

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