Tanvi Dogra talks about her growth as an actor and much more.

I would prefer doing lead roles on TV, where there is no nudity: Tanvi Dogra

Tanvi Dogra of Star Bharat show Jiji Maa is among the lucky few daily show heroines who get much more to do than just mope on screen and fight for good. “The writers have really experimented with character, both in the pre and post marriage phase. After playing a Haryanvi character, which was very challenging, Falguni has now lost her marbles; she thinks she is five years old. It is really fun to shoot this track. I am thankful to the makers (Jay Mehta), for giving me a chance to learn so much.”

Tanvi is also very happy to be part of such a great show. “We have not only got superb ratings (#1 on Star Bharat and also in the top ten list), we are even winning critical acclaim, having just got the Gold Award.”

“The best thing is that our high numbers have always been consistent. This goes to prove that we have not lost connect with the audience after a good start, which often happens, as it is difficult to sustain creatively.”

Regarding her on-screen clashes with Uttara Devi (Pallavi Pradhan), she says, “At first, obviously, the negative power reigns supreme, but eventually, as it happens with life, good finally wins. Falguni extracts revenge in her own sweet way.”

Looking ahead, she wants to do all types of roles, “After starting with negative, and now the positive self-righteous gal. Next I want to try my hands at playing a bubbly cheerful girl, aka Geet (Kareena Kapoor), in Jab We Met.”

Although the fast-growing web is also on her radar, but she would not be comfortable doing bold scenes as the format seems to demand. “That is one red line I can’t cross. Hence, I would more prefer doing lead roles on TV, where there is no nudity.”

Here Tanvi credits her director for really helping her grow as an actor. “I have become much better from my first scene to now, for he made me understand the importance of different emotions which add value to the scene.”

In closing, we ask her how she deals with the stress of daily TV. “Well, I don’t get bogged down too much, for I love my work. Also, the fact that our hard work is being appreciated makes the efforts worthwhile. Thus, in a way I can say I am in a much better place than many of my small screen compatriots.”

Way to go, Tanvi!!



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