Abhishek Sharma, Babbu of Nimki Mukhiya gets into a conversation.

I am proud to say that Indian TV applauds the work of an actor, and not just the looks: Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma, Babbu Singh of the Star Bharat show, Nimki Mukhiya (Qissago Telefilms) is happy to be playing an unconventional lead role, very different from whatever has been on offer for male leads in Indian TV.

Says Abhishek, “I have been in Mumbai for 8 years now, and you can say that Nimki Mukhiya is my first big show, as I am the lead here. Otherwise, I have done character roles in shows, the most popular being that of Lallan Singh in Mere Angne Mein. It’s been a year since I got into the role of Babbu Singh. It is very different from the other main leads. The fact that I am completely opposite to Babbu makes it all the more challenging.”

Ask him about the differences in personality between his real-self and his onscreen character and he states, “Babbu hits people like crazy; I have never ever hit someone in my real life (smiles). Yes, when I was being bullied in school and college, I had this thought of beating up those people. But that remained just a thought. You can say that I am using up all my suppressed feelings here (laughs). Also, Babbu is so very rude while talking, and has an attitude. I never talk like that, and I am fun-loving and love to make friends.”

Abhishek feels that his forte when it comes to the genre is comedy. “Since my character is more on the serious note, it is again a challenge for me.”

The talented actor at times does miss the suited and sophisticated attires that most other male leads get to wear. “However, I have the satisfaction of playing a different kind of lead. Mouthing in typical Bihari accent and working on the dialect is not that every other actor will do. I have put in lot of efforts, and I am proud to say that Indian TV applauds the work of an actor, and not just the looks. Above all, I am happy when I get such sweet messages from fans.”

Abhishek is one actor who does not shy away from going out in public. “I always mingle with public. Hence I bump into many ardent viewers of the show, and people recognize me.”

He also misses the element of romance in his character. “Babbu has nothing to do with romance; I have always wanted to play a romantic hero and I miss that. Well, having said this, I am really hopeful of a phase in story when Babbu will fall for Nimki.”

Well, keep up with your good work, Abhishek!!

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