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Nikhil Khurana talks about his new show Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare will make audiences laugh with its engaging and comic narrative: Nikhil Khurana

Young and handsome Nikhil Khurana needs no introduction.

The actor, who has impressed and enthralled the audience on an innumerable number of occasions with his acting, is currently seen in Zee TV’s latest offering Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare. The Jijaji Chhat Pe Hain fame star plays the titular role of Ram in the show.

The situational comedy, titled ‘Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare’, follows the life of a young woman Dulari (Jyoti Sharma) and her ‘prize catch’ of a charming husband – Ram.

In conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Nikhil spoke about his new show and more. Read on:

What prompted you to take up the show?

I really don’t know what prompted me to take up the show but it just happened. To take up the show seemed like the best idea at the time. I went with the flow as I wanted to be back to entertain my fans.

Can you tell us about your character?

I play the role of Ram, who is a very good guy. He is a positive person at heart, very warm and welcoming. However, he also has different shades in his life which audience will get to see as the story and show progresses. He is very loyal to his wife, Dulari and will do anything for her. Dulari too sees her husband as the ‘Maryada Purushottam’ and considers him to be her ‘prize catch’. For this very reason, she adopts various unique nuskhas to keep her man away from the other women.

What do you think is the USP of Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare?

Well, in simple words, Nikhil Khurana is the USP of the show. Also, it is a relatable tale and the refreshing comedy of errors is sure to get families together and make them laugh with its engaging and comic narrative, especially during this pandemic that has made everyone’s life a little gloomy over the past few months.

How difficult is it to make people laugh?

It is difficult to make audiences laugh. Having said that, I think trying to be funny is not funny is what I have learnt from a senior person. I kept this advice for life and I do follow in my journey. I do not enjoy the intended comedy, however, I look forward to a good balance of it.

How do you keep your fitness in check while shooting through erratic schedules?

Fitness for me is a way of life and I make sure to exercise every day. I don’t really like going to the gym a lot because I feel one can work out from wherever you are. The fitness mantra I abide by is to maintain regularity in your workout and eat right. Even when I am shooting on the sets, I start doing pull-ups or I go for a run during the free time I get from shooting. My diet is also always in check and I ensure I carry healthy and home-cooked food with me to the set. I believe in keeping a healthy balance between my mind and the body and thus never let my work impact me in a harmful way.

Are you scared to shoot during the pandemic?

Yes, I am, it’s the thought that scares more. There are a lot of changes post-COVID-19. There are different layers to maintain safety and ensure the well-being of everyone on the sets. No one is allowed to enter the set without proper sanitization and safety gear. I personally follow a lot of things in general and I have learnt that we should do it as they are very important for our safety. I also remain positive.

How was your lockdown period? What did you miss the most during lockdown?

The lockdown was good. I spent most of the time with my family and that was very special. Going out, socializing and being with my friends is what I missed the most and I still miss it.

Any message for audiences?

I would just like to say that do watch my show and support me. Keep loving and showering your blessing. Stay safe!

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