This lockdown has got the whole world to stop and wonder what is happening around and why! But to the rescue, hopefully, TVs and mobile phones are free from COVID-19, and we can use them all day. Since we see the major shows on Tv, we forget to look around what our favorite stars are doing at home, so today take a look.

Starting with the best, Randeep Rai. He did many shows but it was Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai which made him so popular. He was seen as Sameer Maheshwari who romanced Naina Agarwal aka Ashi Singh and the show went on to become the best love story we ever had. Talking of Randeep Rai, he is seen at home but he has no chill. As we know, he is seen doing instagram videos and some of them were funny, take a look.

Randeep Rai, Zain Imam, And Sehban Azim's LOCKDOWN Lifestyle REVEALED! 766105

Next on the list is the Naamkarann actor Zain Imam. He has established himself as one of the best actors and his style and fashion have evolved with his shows. To add more, Zain Imam is seen in Never Kiss Your girlfriend Lockdown Edition alongside Anya Singh. So just sitting at home in lockdown, Zain is blessing his fans with something new, wow!

Sehban Azim, who happens to be the Inspector Malhar seen in Tujhse hai Raabta alongside Reem Sheikh is very cheerful and happy in this lockdown. He is also a dancer and loves to dance. During the lockdown, he was seen cleaning the house, washing dishes, cooking, washing clothes, and much more. Adding, he also does paint when he gets time. Our Modiji told us to be self-reliant but he seems to be self-sufficient.

Randeep Rai, Zain Imam, And Sehban Azim's LOCKDOWN Lifestyle REVEALED! 766108 wishes these actors good luck for their future endeavors!