Rantej is a ‘wild tiger’ who will cross all limits of negativity – Dakssh Ajit Singh

Dakssh Ajit Singh has so very effortlessly gotten into the skin of the ferocious and aggressive character of Rantej in Colors’ Laado. Here is Dakssh talking about his role.

Rantej is a ‘wild tiger’ who will cross all limits of negativity – Dakssh Ajit Singh

Dakssh Ajit Singh is the newest ‘untamed tiger’ on Indian TV!! Yes, this is how his character of Rantej has set the tone of negativity in the newly launched show on Colors, Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani (Dhaval Gada Productions).

As Rantej, Dakssh has been roaring from the word go and we wondered how much of preparation would Dakssh have put up to play their ferocious and aggressive character. However, to our surprise, Dakssh’s theory amazed us further.

Dakssh explained, “Honestly, I never did any preparation for the role. I believe that in every person lies a ‘Ram’ and a ‘Raavan’. Once the man stops trying to become Ram, the Raavan comes out in the open automatically. Whatever I do is learn from every outing of mine and work on it. Above all, it is God’s Grace. Things fall in place usually and I am grateful to all for that. I have worked with immensely talented writers, creatives and directors. In Laado too, I have read the writers’ work thoroughly. I have followed the conviction of the Director. For a show to do well, the combination should work and Laado is the best example for it. We have erected a great set; work has been immensely done on the story. The shoot has been done awesomely well by the director. And when efforts are put in, results do show. There are actors who put in lot of efforts to get results. There are few who don’t put much effort, but are blessed. I am one of them as I don’t do much in any character.”

Dakssh earlier played the baddie Tripurari in Colors’ Ishq Ka Rang Safed. When asked about the similarity in Tripurari and Rantej, Dakssh explained, “Tripurari was indeed very negative. But Rantej has crossed every limit of negativity in the very first episode. In fact, as an actor I am very curious to know and understand to what extent Rantej can go in being negative. I would say that Tripurari did not have much scope to perform as my run was cut short. However, if Tripurari had grown in cruelty and negativity, he would have become Rantej.”

Adding further on his character, the talented man said, “It is a challenge for me to play Rantej and his aggressiveness excites me. Rantej is a wild tiger who does not listen to anyone. The character has been written very well.”

Describing the real life incident that happened few days back, Dakssh stated, “In Chandigarh, the guy who owned the hotel where I stayed happens to be my friend. On the day one when Laado was aired, he told me that he will bring his two kids to meet me the next day. However, on the next day, he came alone to meet me. When I asked him, he said that the kids have got so very scared to see him after seeing the episode two that he thought it is not a good idea to make them meet Rantej (laughs).”

Dakssh is very happy with the way his character has been mounted in the audiences’ minds. “Viewers have already got scared of Rantej. Frankly this huge establishment of character was needed as this is the man who would stand strong against Ammaji (Meghna Malik). I am ready for anything. I go to the set everyday with the attitude – Batao kaha phadna hai, kaha cheerna hai kirdar main. I am very thankful to my creative team and Producer. I was looking for a very important role for so many years and feel that I have got it. Rantej will surely cross all limits of negativity. Actually, this was the broad outline I had got in the beginning.”

Dakssh shares a very good rapport with his onscreen family – father and brothers. “Rituraj Singh is very senior and he makes it very comfortable for all of us on the set. With the brothers, it is amazing. We share a great rapport both on set and off set. There is positivity all around and we are doing well. Also, Ananya Khare is a great actress to work with. Tuning with Shaleen Malhotra is also very good.”

Before signing off, Dakssh explained how big a devotee he is of Shiv Shankar. “Whatever happens in my life is because of Shiv Shankar. I will always bend down to him, and all credit for my success goes to him.”

Dakssh, very well said!! May you as Rantej go all out as the best baddie!!


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