Ashi Singh is one of the most loved actresses of the silver screen and we would very much want a BFF like her!

Reasons why Ashi Singh would make the perfect BFF

Ashi Singh, our very own Naina from Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hain is also an audience favourite for many reasons. Not only is she a great actress but she is also a person who is worthy of being a great friend, and that is believable from the facts that we have gathered from her traits.

Ashi Singh is a complete diva and we would want nothing more than for this beautiful and lively celebrity to be BFFs with us!
She is one of the youngest actresses on the silver screen at this moment and is very mature in her skills, and it shows in her performances. So one can imagine how manageable she’d be in her real life too! She is so great a daughter-in-law that she has ended up setting a benchmark out of it for all mother-in-laws who watch the serial and giving them #bahugoals.

We also feel like, more than anything else, Ashi Singh is a trouper and her reel husband Sameer is fortunate to have her. Now imagine if the virtual things are this happy and exciting then one can only imagine what an amazing partner she would make in real life, and even in her relationship with friends.

In Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, she plays the role of Naina, who is not only a great wife but also Sameer’s biggest support, who always ends up being the solution to every problem of his, time and again.

She is simple, classy and very mature in her thoughts and a very genuine person whom everyone would want to make a best friend out of. Ashi Singh wins over people with her innocent charms and loving and caring heart, and we love her for being that way always!

Reasons why Ashi Singh would make the perfect BFF 1

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