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Harshad Chopda is one of the true silent handsome actors who lets his talent speak for himself, and his talent speaks so well.

Reasons why we love Harshad Chopda

Do the remember the cadet Ali in Left Right Left? Women went head over heels for this silent and handsome hunk Harshad Chopda who won everyone over with his rugged charm and amazing acting skills. Harshad Chopda may be a man of few words but his charming personality and immensely skilled acting has landed him to where he is now, and we aren’t one bit surprised!

Left Right Left brought him into limelight and he has ensures that he just went on climbing the ladder after that.

More recently, the TV show Bepannah is in the news for all good reasons. And it’s mostly for Harshad Chopda’s acting, good looks, good looks and good looks. His journey from Left Right Left’s Ali to Tere Liye’s Anurag and then to Bepannah’s Aditya has been incredible and he has proved to be a versatile actor.

Reasons why we love Harshad Chopda

For all those die-hard Harshad Chopda fans out there, let’s revisit those reasons why we think he is the absolute best:

Harshad is extremely handsome and dashing. Makes it obvious why the girls are so much attracted towards him.

  • He’s a dog lover and an adorable looking guy who’s a dog lover. Icing on the cake, don’t you think?


  • He makes us fall in love with all the characters he plays on screen. He has done absolute justice to all the characters he has played so far.


  • He gives us some legit fitness goals and has the abs anyone could die for.


  • He is multi-talented and can sing pretty well.

Going ga-ga over him too, aren’t you? Well that is the power that this young and handsome man brings along with him and we are sure he is here to stay for a long time, in the industry and in one hearts.

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