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Want a V-shape physique like Zain Imam? Just follow his simple diet meal plan!

REVEALED! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Zain Imam To Achieve A V-Shape Physique

Everyone wishes to get a V-shaped physique but no one wishes to take some effort. Well, to have some abs, you need to sweep up your ass and workout! So today, Zain Imam is here to motivate you as he brought some of his secret mantras to stay fit and also shared his simple diet meal plan.

Many actors these days, focus more on personality than their acting. After all, the first thing we notice is someone’s personality and then their behavior. Zain Imam has everything that makes him a star. Right from the charm to his awesome personality, adding up his acting accolades, he can make any girl go mad with his magic.

On the work front, Zain Imam was seen in Ishqbaaz, Naamkarann, Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna, and the list will go on. Without wasting much time, let’s take a peep at the diet plan of Zain Imam.

Mr. Imam loves to do a handstand to stay fit. Want a good upper body? Then try the handstand, it will concentrate on your upper muscles and improve. Plus, it will also help you to balance your body. Also, he loves to train from the core as he loves to keep his abs flaunting. Generally, he tends to gym and concentrate all the muscles in his body but mostly, concentrates on his abs.

Zain Imam loves to have eggs, brown bread, and an omelet for breakfast. Of course, being a gym lover, eggs are a must on the table. Also, sometimes he loves to have some chicken with rajma and dal. If you are working in the morning then the lunch must be light. Also, after lunch or dinner, Zain Imam loves to have dessert, and to add more, chocolate lava or mousse is his all-time favorite.

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